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Colombia Finca El Diviso

Colombia Finca El Diviso

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In the south of Huila, Jose Uribe Lasso founded Finca El Diviso as a way to discover new methods of improving Colombia coffee quality. The Lasso family rigorously experiments with processing and fermentation with different microorganisms in hopes of achieving unique, traceable cup profiles with international recognition. El Diviso is high up in Pitalito at 1,750masl. Here, the Lasso family cultivates Pink and Yellow Bourbon, Sidra, Geisha, and Tabi varietals.

Sidra, also sometimes referred to as Sydra or Bourbon Sidra, is a rare Arabica varietal that has shared the spotlight on the world stage with highly coveted exotics like Geisha and Sudan Rume. However, its origins aren’t well-documented and attempts to decipher its genetics have led to contrasting results. Many agree that Sidra was first developed in Ecuador and shares a sweet cup profile comparable to Ethiopian landrace varietals.

Tasting Notes: concord grape, raspberry, passion fruit

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