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Sumatra Gayo Organic

Sumatra Gayo Organic

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Our Sumatra Gayo coffee comes from smallholders in the Aceh area. Growers in this region have an average of 0.5 - 1 hectare dedicated to coffee. But with favorable climate conditions, rich, fertile soil, and a high altitude, conditions are ideal for growing arabica coffee. Sumatran coffee is truly differentiated because of its unique wet-hulled processing method. The process uses water to remove the cherry’s red pulp and mucilage, while also removing the parchment layer in a “wet huller”. By removing the parchment layer the bean dries faster, which is beneficial in Indonesia’s wet climate. In Grade 1 (G1) Double-Picked (DP) coffees the process continues with meticulous color sorting to eliminate defective green coffee beans. The wet-hulled process gives Sumatra its signature intense earthy flavors of cedar and tobacco, as well as rich, clove. With Sumatra Aceh Mandheling roasters can dive into the deep, rustic and sweet character of Indonesian coffee.

What we taste: tobacco, plum and clove

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